How to Get Ready for the Tooth Fairy

Getting Ready for the Tooth Fairy

Getting your first loose tooth is a big deal. You may feel excited, but scared at the same time. You may also think it is weird or a little gross that you can feel your tooth wiggling around in your mouth. Losing your baby teeth is a sign that you are ready to start getting your adult teeth. But don’t worry, you don’t have to grow up right away. Here are some things you may want to know about losing your teeth: 

Why do teeth get loose?

When you smile in the mirror, you can see all your baby teeth. You also have an entire mouthful of adult, or permanent teeth that are hidden in your gums. As you grow, these permanent teeth decide they don’t want to hide anymore, so they start to move out of the gums. When your adult teeth push on your baby teeth, it causes them to get loose and eventually fall out. Then your adult teeth will fill in the space left behind. 

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Can I pull my tooth out?

You will want to wait until your tooth is super wiggly before you try to pull it out. Don’t worry, if it’s not wiggly yet, it soon will be. To make a tooth looser, you can try brushing your teeth, eating an apple, or wiggle it with your finger. When your tooth feels like it is ready to fall out, you can try gently twisting it and it should come right out. 

Does it hurt?

If you try to pull your tooth out and it hurts, this means your tooth may not be ready to come out. Leave it alone for a few more days and then try again. After a tooth falls out, it may hurt for a little bit. If you count to a hundred that will make the pain go away.   

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What do I do with my lost tooth?

Give it to the tooth fairy of course! Once you lose a tooth, you will need to put it under your pillow or beside your bed. You will want to ask your parents for a small container to keep it in so it doesn’t get lost.  At night while you are sleeping, the tooth fairy will take your tooth and leave you a small surprise. If the tooth fairy gets lost or has too many teeth to collect from other houses, you may need to leave it under your pillow for another night. 

How often does the tooth fairy come?

The tooth fairy will come every time you lose a tooth. However, the tooth fairy loves healthy teeth, so it is important to take good care of your teeth so they are beautiful when they fall out. To keep your teeth shining for the tooth fairy, be sure to brush them twice a day and floss once a day. You can also eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink milk. And don’t forget to visit your dentist’s office! Dentists are good friends with the tooth fairy and they will help clean your teeth so that they are just the way the tooth fairy likes them. 

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