Special Needs Dentistry


Dental care for special needs children

Balancing the requirements of a special needs child can be very challenging for parents. Medical issues often take focus while dental care can sometimes take a backseat. However, children with special needs are almost twice as likely to have unmet dental treatment that can lead to severe dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

The team at Kids World Pediatric Dentistry is trained to take care of children with special needs. We provide dental care for children with a range of developmental, medical and behavioral challenges, including, but not limited to, anxiety, sensory issues, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and developmental and speech/language delays.

At Kids World Pediatric Dentistry, we communicate with your child in a method that they are most comfortable with. Pre-appointment planning to discuss your child’s functional and intellectual abilities may be beneficial. By establishing our office as their dental home, special needs patients learn individualized preventive oral health practices that significantly reduce their risk of preventable dental disease.

Comfort through Education

One of the primary ways in which our team strives to make children with special needs comfortable is by helping them strive at their comfort level. We invite the parents of our patients with special needs to walk through our Social Story. This guide will not only let your child know what to expect, but can be printed out as well, allowing your child to go over the steps of their appointments by themselves.

Kids World Pediatric Dentistry encourages desensitization visits for your children if needed, please ask our staff when you call to set one up. These visits act as a “tryout” for their dental appointment, helping make your child feel comfortable with our office and better understand what to expect when they visit.


While our goal and most of our efforts to cater to your exceptional child’s needs are based on “gradual desensitization,” our office also provides a range of behavioral management solutions designed for each child’s special health care needs and different levels of sedation

Kids World Pediatric Dentistry provides in-office oral sedation, as well as intra-venous sedation provided by our anesthesiologist, where indicated.

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Our team at Kids World is committed to providing children with high quality pediatric dental care while accounting for their unique needs and levels of comfort. For additional questions or to schedule an appointment, please call our office today.