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How Dental Lasers Can Help With Severe Dental Anxiety

Feelings of nervousness are normal when you visit the dentist, but if those feelings start to interfere with your dental health, then you may have dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a condition where fear, anxiety, and stress are experienced when thinking of or being in a dental setting. In severe cases, dental anxiety can easily transform into a dental phobia, causing panic attacks at even the thought of visiting the dentist. This condition often leads to avoidance, which during long periods, can increase the risk of dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. To help manage this condition, many dentists have begun implementing new methods of dental care to help control feelings of anxiety. Among those options, laser dentistry has become an upcoming way for dentists to help their patients.

How Has Laser Dentistry Help With Dental Anxiety

Laser dentistry is a subset of dentistry that works with lasers, combining it with normal dental treatments to care for people’s teeth. These lasers work to deliver waves of light energy to destroy bacteria and clean the teeth. Laser dentistry has been a small but growing subset found in various practices, and it’s becoming ever more popular because of its ability to help patients with dental anxiety receive treatment. For patients who have difficulties conceiving of dental treatment due to the fear of pain, lasers in dental treatment are pain-free, and due to their quiet nature, they help patients become more calm and relaxed during treatment.

So, what dental procedures use lasers? Many dental procedures can use the power of lasers to help clean and disinfect teeth, including:

  • Tooth Decay Removal: For cavities, lasers can easily remove signs of bacteria and plaque buildup along with the affected teeth while providing patients a soothing experience. Because of its silent nature, the lasers can cut away at the plaque and easily prepare the tooth for restorative treatments.
  • Root Canal Procedures: In more complex cases of tooth decay and infection, patients who need a root canal can easily go through the procedure without worry due to its pain-free mechanics. For those performing this type of procedure, it also allows for better precision for cleaning out the canals and removing the infection.
  • Gum Treatment: For those with gummy smiles, gum contouring procedures can easily be performed with lasers, especially for patients with gum sensitivity.
  • Soft Tissue and Enamel Treatment: Alongside gum contouring, any other treatments that involve enamel removal and soft tissue removal can help prepare the mouth for future restorative treatments.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry Today!

Most of all, researchers cite that lasers can provide a more accurate method for cavity preparation than more traditional methods, especially for children with cavities. Lasers can provide a gentler touch than traditional instruments, and lasers can be an effective treatment to help with dental anxiety. Alongside lasers, other treatments such as dental sedation can also be used to calm patients and provide them with an overall positive experience with their dentists.

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