How Mail-In Orthodontic Aligners Can Hurt Your Oral Health

There have been numerous innovations in the dental industry in response to the COVID pandemic. These changes have included new methods of receiving care remotely. Today’s dental patients can follow up with their dentist over video chat and even receive orthodontics remotely. However, there is a growing concern over the use of these mail-order orthodontics. When used under the guidance of your local dentist, they can provide wonderful results. There has been an ongoing trend of online dental clinics offering mail-order orthodontics without ever seeing the patient in person. This opens the door to numerous complications that can have lasting negative impacts on the patient.

The Concerns About Mail-Order Orthodontics

There’s a reason that orthodontic care is a specialty within the dental industry. While any dentist is technically qualified to perform these procedures, they can be quite complex. When preparing to perform this procedure, it’s essential to understand the full scope of the patient’s health. The dentist needs to determine which teeth need to remain stationary and which teeth can be adjusted. Once the treatment has begun, it’s also necessary to check on the progress at multiple points. Teeth can unexpectedly move or may not be moving as quickly as anticipated. All of this makes it essential for your orthodontist to be present and take an active role in your orthodontic care. These are the common concerns most dentists voice about remote orthodontics:

  • Lack Of Personal Contact – Working closely with your dentist ensures that they have a lasting concern for your oral health. Remote dentists who you never see don’t have an investment in your lifetime oral health. Even those that attempt to are simply too removed from your care. 
  • No Oversight – Without being present at all stages of your treatment, your remote dentist may miss important indicators of problems. They lack the opportunity to identify problems that may not be apparent from a simple mail-in impression kit. Adjustments can be made to your care if caught in time to ensure the outcome is healthy and beautiful.
  • Aligners Aren’t The Only Answer – One major issue with these mail-order orthodontists is the only real care they can provide is in the form of clear aligners. These appliances are incredibly effective but simply aren’t the best answer for all orthodontic concerns. They may miss concerns that won’t be visible from the dental impression without seeing you personally.

Speak to your local dentist if you’re considering going with a remote orthodontist. They can arrange to monitor the progress of your treatment and ensure everything is going well. Further, they can confirm that their treatment will actually be effective.

The Real Benefits Of Mail-In Orthodontics

It’s important to note that mail-in orthodontics do have their place. If you have a local dentist, they may offer mail-in orthodontics as a treatment solution. However, these are offered for the convenience of all involved. They’ll already understand your oral health and what concerns you may face. They can save you time and money by removing the need to visit their office to prepare for this treatment. They can also effectively monitor your progress with a visit to their office when necessary. 

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