Child with Dental Anxiety at Dentist Office

Pediatric Dentist Techniques For Children with Anxiety

Pediatric dentists specialize in diagnosing and treating oral health conditions in children. When treating younger patients, making them feel comfortable when visiting the dentist is essential. Building a positive relationship with a dentist as a child carries into adulthood. While every dentist has a unique method of reassuring their patients, a few techniques overlap.

Pediatric Dentistry Techniques For Children with Anxiety

Parents need to know how pediatric dentists help children with dental anxiety. Many parents make the mistake of bringing their child to a dentist specializing in adults and don’t know how to treat children. When pediatric dentists implement measures to reassure children, this is how the techniques overlap:

  • Using a friendly voice: Subtle actions can affect children at the dentist. Using a deep, professional voice can cause anxiety. On the other hand, a calm, gentle voice comes off as soothing to children. Using a child-friendly voice reassures children and helps them feel more comfortable during treatment.
  • Positive language: A dentist’s tone is essential, but so is their language. Many pediatric dentists use simple terms for children, knowing they won’t understand technical terms their parents would understand. If your child understands what procedures they’re undergoing, they feel more in control and comfortable with the situation.
  • Engaging children: Keeping a child engaged by asking questions about their daily life is another way pediatric dentists help their patients. Dentists specializing in adult treatment don’t know how to keep children engaged, leading to more anxiety in children.
  • Laughing gas: Some children are likelier to be anxious, even if the staff is friendly. These children are concerned about discomfort. In this case, a pediatric dentist might use laughing gas to keep their patient calm and pain-free. Laughing gas, otherwise known as nitrous oxide, is a mild sedative that is safe for children.
  • Remain patient: Pediatric dentists are trained to understand the importance of remaining calm and patient with anxious children. Children can be impulsive, and dentists need to handle the situation accordingly. 

Dental anxiety is nervousness, fear, or anxiety when faced with a dental appointment. Adults feel dental anxiety, so why can’t a child? Knowing what triggers your child’s anxiety will help you and your pediatric dentist ease anxiety and make dental visits fun. When choosing a dentist for your child, ensure you choose a dentist specializing in pediatric dentistry. An adult dentist isn’t equipped to ease childhood dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a familiar feeling. If you’re anxious about visiting a dentist, your child can pick up on this emotion and become anxious. If you’re calm during your child’s dental appointments, your child will likely remain calm.

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If your child experiences dental anxiety, find a pediatric dentist you trust. Building trust with a dentist can take time, but many resources are at your disposal to help expedite the process. Kids World Dental strives to ensure your child has a positive dental experience. We want to keep children calm, comfortable, and excited about visiting the dentist—call us to schedule an appointment. 

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