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Short-Term Orthodontics: Breaking Down Barriers In Cosmetics

The goal of orthodontic care is to address malocclusion or improper positioning of the teeth in a closed mouth. Using orthodontic appliances and years of experience, your dentist can produce meaningful changes in your smile. Some types of orthodontic care require treatment that takes years to complete. This meant long periods spent with traditional braces with their elastic bands and visible archwires. However, not all form of orthodontic care requires such extensive treatment. This has promoted the development of minimally invasive techniques for providing alternative orthodontic care options.

Exploring Short-Term Orthodontic Options

Dental scientists did the development of short-term orthodontic care in response to patients looking for ways to address minor malocclusion issues. These approaches are often considered to be more patient-friendly and help them see results in a much shorter time frame. Since less time is invested in these processes, they’re often more affordable than traditional orthodontics. These two factors make it possible to address orthodontic concerns that patients often put to the wayside.

Using these approaches, patients are able to take control of their oral health more effectively. You can make minor adjustments without investing in complicated, long-term treatment. This has been why more dentists are investing in these treatments, even when not as part of their core specialty. The combination of an easier approach to care and faster results benefits both sides of the patient/dentist relationship.

Familiar Forms of Short-Term Orthodontics

The following represents some common forms of these orthodontics used available for patients. In some cases, Your dentist may use multiple of these treatments to achieve the desired results.

  • Six-Month Aligners – This clear aligner provides a gradual, gentle straightening of the teeth. This process takes at least six months but can sometimes take as long as two years.
  • Six-Month Clear Brace Wires – This is a special form of traditional brace utilizing brackets and clear wires attached to the outside of the teeth. These are capable of delivering rapid adjustments in as little as six months. During this period, they’re blended into the teeth and are hardly noticeable while being as effective as traditional braces.
  • Tooth-Colored Fixed Braces – This type of traditional brace is created using tooth-colored material that makes them difficult to see. Despite this, they provide the same adjustment strength and retention as traditional braces.
  • Sectional Lingual Braces – This type of brace attaches to the part of the tooth that doesn’t face outwards. This is another way of providing meaningful results without the braces being visible.

These are just a few of the short-term orthodontics styles available in modern dentistry. Reaching out to your orthodontist will ensure you get the latest information. Together you’ll develop a treatment plan that’s within your budget and will reach the goals you’re hoping for. Orthodontic care doesn’t have to take extensive amounts of time; check into short-term orthodontics today!

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