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The Dangers Poor Dietary Habits Pose To Pediatric Oral Health

Poor dietary habits are a common trend, becoming more so as our lives become busier and constantly on the go. Unfortunately, this tendency to go for quick, easy foods leads to higher consumption of sugary, acidic, and processed foods. In addition to having a notable impact on the state of our overall health, these dietary habits can lead to serious implications for our oral health. One of the best ways to encourage healthy eating is to start our children early by making healthy choices for them in their early years. Not only will this help them remain healthy, but it will also protect their smile and limit the impact poor dietary choices will have on their smile as they get older. The Kids World Pediatric Dental team is here to help you make good choices for your child and their future smile with this handy guide.

The Dangers Poor Dietary Habits Pose To Pediatric Oral Health

Regarding our oral health, one of our primary enemies is the streptococcus mutans bacteria. This bacteria is responsible for causing plaque to develop that, when left unattended, will form into the hard calculus known as tartar. Further, this bacteria will also start to attack our gums, creating pockets between our gumline and teeth that expose the dental root to decay. Poor dietary choices help to feed this bacteria, as it thrives in the presence of sugar. Further, the acidic nature of many unhealthy foods softens the enamel, making it more susceptible to decay and erosion. The action of this bacteria can pose a significant risk to the health of our children’s teeth and gums.

You may be wondering why protecting your children’s oral health is so important. After all, baby teeth are temporary, aren’t they? While true, they also play a critical role in developing our adult smile. Our baby teeth help our jaw grow correctly and ensure there’s sufficient room for our adult teeth to grow straight and in alignment. Thus, the action of streptococcus mutans poses a significant risk to our adult teeth developing properly. 

Some choices you can make to help protect the health of your child’s teeth include:

  • Limit Sugary Drinks
  • Choose Healthy Snacks
  • Plan Balanced Meals
  • Consume Smaller Portions
  • Avoid Processed Foods
  • Know What’s In Your Food
  • Encourage Staying Hydrated

You can avoid these by being proactive about oral health decisions with your children. The team here at Kids World Pediatric Dental is committed to helping you develop healthy dietary choices for your children and your family.

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When you reach out to our team in San Antonio, TX, you’re taking the first step in protecting your child’s oral health. We’re committed to serving our local community with the best pediatric oral health care possible. You can experience the Kids World Pediatric Dental difference by calling our office at (210) 787-1200 today and scheduling your first appointment. We’ll give your child a comprehensive dental exam, focusing on any dental health concerns you or they bring to us.

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