Nitrous Oxide

The Role Of Nitrous Oxide In Pediatric Dentistry

One way that your pediatric dentist can make your child’s dental visit less intimidating is by providing management options for their anxiety and discomfort. Nitrous Oxide has been a popular form of sedative for children for over a century. This gas has a sweet odor that is pleasant to breathe and does an excellent job of easing anxiety in pain during inhalation. These traits, combined with a rapid recovery time, have made this one of the most popular sedation options in the world for dental care.

The Role Of Nitrous Oxide In Pediatric Dentistry

The safe and effective nature of nitrous oxide has made it a reliable standby in sedation dentistry since its invention. It has improved the dental experience for people of all ages who suffer from dental anxiety without requiring long recovery times. It works particularly well for children due to the ability to precisely control the degree of sedation being received. Its effects ensure they remain still and calm without the need to render them unconscious. This helps the procedure go smoothly and without accident, especially when working with fidgety or unfocused children.

Your child will be soothed and relaxed while under the effects of nitrous oxide, making it a great choice for standard procedures. Dental cleanings and fillings can both be performed under nitrous oxide to ensure all areas of the mouth are reached. Many otherwise anxious children find that this makes the experience pleasant, making them more cooperative in future visits. Nitrous oxide also provides the following benefits:

  • Awake and Responsive Patients – Most forms of sedation will leave the patient unconscious or unable to respond well. Nitrous oxide merely renders the patient giddy and relaxed, perhaps even laughing. It is from this trait that it gets the nickname “laughing gas.” However, they will be lucid and present enough to cooperate with the needs of the procedure.
  • Quick Recovery Time – The moment that the gas is removed from your child, they’ll begin recovering rapidly. Within a few minutes of having the mask removed, they’ll be able to return to their typical activities. There’s almost no recovery time from nitrous oxide sedation.
  • No Side Effects – Another significant benefit of this form of sedation is a lack of side effects. Even after the procedure, there will be no lingering side effects to impact their enjoyment of the day.

Its reputation for safety and effectiveness, combined with its extensive use in dentistry, has made this one of the most used forms of sedation. It’s a great way to make dental care approachable for those who suffer from dental anxiety or have difficulty being still in the dental chair.

Get More Information About Nitrous Oxide

If you have a need for more information about your child being sedated during their dental procedures using nitrous oxide, speak to your dentist. They’ll be able to provide the necessary information about this method and whether they believe it would be useful or necessary for your child.

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