What Is Pediatric Dentistry & Its Benefits

You may think that caring for oral health is all about your smile and teeth. The truth of the matter is that caring for your oral health is part of caring for your whole physical health. Studies have revealed that there is a remarkable amount of interplay happening between different parts of our body. Introducing your child to dental hygiene early is essential to their life-long health. Further, it is vital to ensure they receive care from a qualified pediatric dentist. What sets pediatric dentistry apart from general or family dentistry?

Discovering Pediatric Dentistry And How It Helps Your Child

Pediatric dentistry is an area of dental practice that focuses specifically on the developmental concerns of those under the age of 18. This is a critical period in your child’s oral development and an incredible opportunity to identify and address oral health concerns early. They also specialize in aiding parents in getting their children to develop good oral hygiene habits. There is a specific focus on ensuring that their oral hygiene is performed correctly and safely to ensure they can carry these habits for a lifetime.

There are a number of benefits to having your child seen by a pediatric dental specialist.

  • Calmer, Happier Visits – Dental visits are often a source of anxiety for children, especially those who suffer from dental anxiety. Thankfully, pediatric dentists are specifically trained to set children at ease and help limit the development of dental anxiety. Their focus is ensuring that young patients develop a healthy relationship with dental care. The result is that children are more relaxed about their dental visits, which makes everyone happier.
  • Specialized Training – There are concerns related to pediatric oral health that are often outside the training of general dentists. This isn’t to say general dentists can’t treat these concerns, but they may overlook them as they aren’t as familiar with them. Pediatric dentists can identify concerns such as these and take corrective action before they become more fixed and expensive to treat.
  • Higher Focus On Childhood Habits – Childhood bruxism (tooth grinding) and thumb sucking can produce oral health concerns later in life. The consequence can go beyond the primary (baby) teeth and seriously impact their adult smile. Pediatric dentists know how to spot the signs of these behaviors and how to help parents address them.
  • Specialized Equipment – One crucial aspect of pediatric dentists’ focus on children’s oral health is their tool choice. These specialists have tools specifically designed for working in children’s oral cavities. Combine this with familiarity with handling these smaller tools, and the result is better outcomes for everyone.

While general and family dentists have the same general training for handling children’s oral health concerns, the benefits of a specialized practice are hard to ignore.

Consult With Your Pediatric Dentist For More Information

Now that you know how seeing a pediatric dentist can benefit your child, schedule your first appointment. During this visit, you’ll be able to introduce your child to the staff and discover their facility. These locations are often specifically designed to be welcoming and comfortable for children of all ages. Don’t trust your child’s oral health to a generalist; come see what a pediatric dental specialist can do for you.

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