Child with Both Baby and Permanent Teeth

Why Do Adult Teeth Come in Behind My Child’s Baby Teeth?

It’s reasonable to get excited when your child loses their first tooth. It represents an important milestone in their development and is a cause to celebrate. It also indicates the arrival of adult teeth coming in to replace those lost ones. However, sometimes this process happens out of order, with the adult teeth starting to come in before the primary tooth in its place is lost. When this happens, it’s important to know what to do next. Your first step should be reviewing this guide and giving a call to Kids World Pediatric Dental.

What To Do When Adult Teeth Start Coming In Early

We all develop at different rates, but for most children, baby teeth adhere to the following development cycle:

  • Arrival – Starts at six months of age
  • Falling Out – Primary (baby) teeth start falling out at six years of age
  • Molars – The molars fall out later, typically around twelve years of age

Generally, this situation isn’t much of a cause for concern. Having your child test the baby tooth with their tongue will often reveal that it’s already beginning to loosen. If this is the case, have them play with the tooth with their tongue, and it will naturally fall out on its own. Wiggling it will help hasten this process and eliminate the cause for concern.

However, it’s possible for the primary tooth to not loosen despite the growth of the adult tooth behind it. This is one indication that it’s time to get our team of experts involved to prevent any lasting consequences from this condition. During your visit, we’ll complete a thorough dental exam and develop a treatment plan to help protect your child’s lasting oral health. A list of the signs that you need to see us about this issue can be found below.

  • The tooth isn’t loosening – Removal of the primary tooth will become necessary if it doesn’t loosen and fall out on its own.
  • Molars Are Involved – When this condition involves molars, getting assistance from pediatric dental experts is critical. Their size and position can lead to significant discomfort and orthodontic concerns that will need later treatment.
  • Pain or discomfort – Dental pain, regardless of its source, is a clear indication that a visit to our office is necessary. When your child experiences dental pain for any reason, call us immediately to arrange an emergency dental appointment.

When this condition occurs, it’s critical to address it quickly. Your child’s oral health is at risk of experiencing notable orthodontic concerns, cracked teeth, and other complications if not addressed quickly.

Call Us For Help With Your Child’s Oral Health

Our baby teeth play a crucial role in the healthy development of our oral cavity. They ensure that our adult teeth can come in straight and in proper alignment. However, if they remain in place when the adult teeth are trying to arrive, they can cause notable problems. If this is happening with your child, call us today at (210) 787-1200 for an appointment.

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